Let me just start with saying OPTUS is the work service I have ever been provided. Multiple complaints and nothing done about, let's see if someone else can fix it or maybe they are just incapable of providing stable internet. 


So it is to the point where Netflix is in watchable in my house hold because it buffers and gives me the wheel of death so oftern, just in the last 10 minutes it has stopped 5 times. I speak to OPTUS and the ask for speed tests and every time my download is 1/5th of the actual contracted speed they are supposed to provide and my upload is like 0.01mbps.. dismal


Not only that I can't even get cell reception in my own home but allegedly according to their coverage map I should have impeccable coverage. And when my phone does show full bars it's a lied because as soon as I try to make a call it drops to zero and if people call me it doesn't ring on my side or theirs


To say that I'm annoyed is an understatement. I am at the point that I am going to loose my s**t so severely and the only thing that will placate me is being released from all 3 of my contracts because they aren't even remotely providing me with a service which I am paying them for

Re: Buffering


Netflix can be a challenge some times for a lot of people - about once a month we give up trying to watch it due to interference, speed issues, no audio or picture pixelation (other streaming services work fine)  and we have high speed HFC Internet - suspect Netflix servers or the network paths for Netflix in the Internet are at fault that night as it comes good back the next day. A few suggestions in case it may improve matters.


Are you on ADSL/ADSL2/ADSL2+ and a long way away from the exchange e.g over 5 km or are you on the NBN - if NBN what is the service Optus is providing you and how does that compare to the results you get by connecting a PC direct to the Modem with a LAN cable and doing a test? Are you watching Netflix through a streaming box, a Smart TV, a Tablet, a Mobile Phone or a PC ? If  TV direct or streaming box and feasible, can you try a LAN cable connection for testing to see if things improve? (you may have to buy a 5-10m LAN cable)  If Wi-Fi, link the TV to the Modem 2.4 Ghz radio ( most affordable TVs don't do the 5Ghz) and see if things improve - set up the modem to broadcast both SSIDs so you are sure you are connecting the TV to the 2.4Ghz radio. You have may have to experiment with ideal location of the modem  for signal strength.  

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