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The broadband service at my home always gets disconnected about every 3mins during the night and sometimes during the day. It would take about 5mins to connect again. This started to occur about 2 weeks ago. The indicators of internet and wifi are off when disconnection. I tried to restart the modem but no use. It has nothing to do with the restart. The wires are connected correctly. I live at 483 Swanston Street (Verve). The service is provided by nbn with ADSL. I've called 131344 many times but no one answers. There's also no reply also online chat. Is this the problem of internet and how can I solve this?

Re: Broadband disconnected


Suggest removing private info on a public forum.


Make sure the cables in the wall and modem are screwed in tightly.


Try live chat again. You can leave it sitting and a chime will ring when someone answers - I never had to wait more than 5 minutes.




Peter Gillespie

Re: Broadband disconnected


Hi @Shida - Apologies for our very delayed response. Since posting, have you been able to get in touch with our tech team?

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