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Broadband Support

Hi recently moved over to Optus Broadband (NBN). 


All my devices are connected to the internet but one of my laptops shows to be connected but internet pages won't load - the internet will work for approximately 5 seconds, then drop out for 10 minutes, then work for a few seconds (I know because email notifications pop up during the short time period), then drop out for 10 minutes and so on and so on. 


The laptop in question is a Macbook Air using the latest software version (Mojave 10.14.5) - I can tether to my phone and I've been connecting ok to other wifi networks (airport, office, hotel, etc) - it's just the home network that it struggles with. 


I have another Macbook, using slightly older software that is having no issues connecting to the home network.


I spent 3 hours on the phone to Apple who tried all sorts but no luck - they've said to reach out to Optus/NBN to ask to download new wifi protocols because it could be something to do with the latest version of software on the mac.


I'm struggling to find a support number for Optus - has anyone experienced this before and can anyone offer any advice?



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Re: Broadband Support

Sorry Oz, but handballing you across to ask the $50 billion NBNCo to download new wifi drivers to fix the NBN sounds like a kiss off. That your other devices are working fine suggests the issue is just with your laptop. Have you tried taking your laptop out and connecting to another network to see if the issue remains or goes?


My main suspicion here would be that you have duplicate IP addresses for the laptop and another piece of equipment. Perhaps set a different and static IP address for the laptop?


Peter Gillespie

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