Best thing to do with Optus is to leave


I have never in my life been more frustrated and angry with optus  and so called tech support. Countless chat and calls promises of techs attending that don’t show up. Always the same excuses and empathy that I am sick of. Tech support shouldn’t be called that as Optus so called tech line follows a format that doesn’t fix problems harder than turn modem off and back on or I will send another modem out, or better still I will make an appointment for a tech to turn up that doesn’t. 

Eventually a tech did turn up and agreed with me what the problem is. Now do you think that it was fixed ? Well no back to square one after a month of hours of chat etc.

My advice if you are happy to sign up be prepared for hours of frustration if something should go wrong. My fault is not even complicated I solved it but do you think optus or the nbn can, appears not.

Funny today I have asked to terminate my contract was informed they would call me shortly 6hrs ago.

Well Optus I will make it my mission to tell everyone about the worst experience I have had with any telco. 

I cant wait to get started first will be to the ombudsman than I will move onto the media.

Optus you are a joke. Pity those who sign up with you and have to experience what I have had to.

Re: Best thing to do with Optus is to leave


Well Optus did call it was the tech line asked how my appointment went with the nbn tech??? Funny once again there was no tech and this I already knew as I had made inquiries with nbn direct who told me that no tech was booked for my address despite the usual assurances from Optus chat that one was coming, so I told him I was waiting for a call back to disconnect eventually I was connected to disconnect and the deed was done, one final word from Optus you can sign up for wireless if I like. Well no I don’t like Optus and nbn can shove it, good bye forever. Am now with Telstra wireless as are my phones 

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