Bad NBN & customer service

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I have been forced to upgrade to NBN last year and saw the quality of the service goes down. Before i used to get 30mbps speed on the cable and with NBN went down to 10-15mbps max. Called optus numerous times to resolve the issue and fake promises were made to send a technician to have a look but no one ever showed up. Asked optus to cancel my service after 2 weeks as i need to arrange for the new provider but they cancelled it straightaway. Leaving my family and professional life to suffer with no regards to customer service. I have had billing errors in the past and took me 2 months to resolve that. My account number is 6******.

Re: Bad NBN & customer service


Have you decided on a new provider yet? As you are already connected to the NBN then a new provider should be able to get you signed up in 30 minutes usually.


It will take as long for optus to reconnect you to the NBN as another provider so you may have to wait on that. Depending on where you you might be able to get mobile broadband (a $40 Optus dongle and say a $40 worth of data). Usually Optus will offer to recredit that for you but I'm not sure in the situation where you are leaving (besides its probably not woth the hassle getting the recredit actioned later on)


What NBN technology are you using? I'm guessing FTTN? The speed issue may still be there when you rejoin the NBN but hopefully the new RSP will have better luck getting it sorted.


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Re: Bad NBN & customer service


Yes, i have decided on the new provider and signed up. Meanwhile, the call operator Samir promised me to add 25gb of data to my mobile so i can use it as a hotspot till the time new connection gets setup. I didn't see the new data allowance being added to my account as he promised would take around 4 hrs. Also, he promised me $100 credit for me to go to Optus in store and get a hotspot.

Any promises made were never fulfilled.


Re: Bad NBN & customer service


Funny that I was promised that a few times. 

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