BYO router with optus nbn voip


I have purchased my own modem. I have got  optus nbn fttp with voip phone.  How can i use voip with my own modem.

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You can't. 

Put a $20 switch into the fttp box. The plug you modem and the Optus modem in as well. Configure the Optus modem to do nothing but the phone. Use your modem for everything else

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Appreciate if you could share the steps to configure optus modem


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First step is to unplug the optus modem.

Then plug in and completely configure up your modem. Get everything running as you want.(IP

At this point the only thing missing should be a dial tone.

Unplug your modem and set up the Optus modem with everything shut down (wifi, DHCP server etc.)

Give it a static IP in your local range (eg

You should now be able to plug in both modems and have a dial tone.


Let us know if there's any specifics you get stuck on.


Peter Gillespie

Re: BYO router with optus nbn voip


Alternative approach which does work is as follows:


1. First connect the Optus router to the NBN modem and leave connected until everything – particularly VOIP incoming calls – is working correctly.
2. Disconnect Optus router and connect your router to the NBN modem (and ensure it is working correctly).
3. Connect the Optus router's WAN port to a LAN port on your router.
4. Give the Optus router a static IP address in your router (very important).
5. Forward port 5060 in your router to the Optus router's IP address. Connect phone to Optus phone port.
6. Probably wise to disable wireless in the Optus router.


Please note that FTTP does not require a modem, just a router. The Optus device can function as a router (for FTTP) and a modem-router (for FTTN).

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