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BYO router with FTTP issue



I am trying to connect TP link Archer5400 router to FTTP ntu but failed to connect to internet.

My previous model drink 2880 with iPoe settings still works .With to link if I use dynamic IP as suggested in other forums still doesn't work.

Optus advised to use Pppoe with user name but didn't work either. If the old drink with ipoe works then what settings to-do in the tP link one.


Any help please

Re: BYO router with FTTP issue


There's no need to enter any passwords or the like in on FTTP. I take it you have activated the Optus NBN account by first plugging the supplied Optus modem in and contacting Optus to confirm? After that you can uplug the Optus modem and uses your own. All you do is plug the FTTP CAT5 cable from the wall to the WAN (labelled Internet) port in your new modem. Usually don't have to but just confirm the settings are to use the WAN port.


Peter Gillespie


Re: BYO router with FTTP issue


Had to factory reset and then swtich back to Dynamic IP, all good now.

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