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Occasional Contributor

BYO router on NBN rate limited?

Hi All

I had to put in a router that provided some actual security...the one supplied by Optus is exavcly that a router.

I connected to my NBN broadband cable - effectively rip and replace of existing. 

When I started to test with I changed from 100Mbps to 20Mbps.

I dont think it my new firewall but just wanted to check if I needed to register a mac address or something?




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Honoured Contributor

Re: BYO router on NBN rate limited?

The inital equipment is only needed for initial sign up (and VOIP if needed). You can unplug it and replace equipment after that. There's no additional need to register anything. Plug the the Optus router back in and check the speed. If its showing 100 and your new router is showing 20 then the issue is with your new router. I assume you're testing speed over wired?


Peter Gillespie

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