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BYO Router with Optus NBN VoIP

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BYO Router with Optus NBN VoIP

BYO Router With Optus VoIP:
How To - The Simple Way

N.B.: This wiki assumes you have an existing, functioning Sagemcom F@st 3864 modem/router (i.e., the "Optus router") currently plugged into the NBN Network Termination Device (NTD - i.e., "the Box"), and that your BYO router is set to its factory default settings.

The example BYO router used in this wiki is an ASUS AC66u, which has its default IP address set as; the Optus router currently has its default IP address set as Ensure that both routers are using a different IP address to each other, otherwise you risk having an IP address conflict. If need be, you can always change the Optus router's default IP address as such:


How To Change Optus Modem IP Address



  1. Power down both the Optus router and your BYO router (using the on/off switch button if there is one available);

  2. Unplug the Optus router from the NBN Box and then plug it into a LAN port on the BYO router (preferably LAN Port 1) - leave the phone line connected to the Optus router;

  3. Plug the BYO Router WAN (the Internet) port into the NBN Box to Uni-D Port 1 (or using the Uni-D Port Number that Optus specified in your Welcome Letter) - if done correctly, your Internet connection will be from the NBN Box Uni-D Port to the BYO router Internet port, then from the BYO router LAN port to the Optus router Internet port - the phone line is still connected to the Optus router;
  4. Power on the BYO router and wait for it to fully reboot;

  5. Power on Optus router - you should then have a fully functional BYO router connected directly to the NBN and a fully functional OPTUS VoIP phone. 

If you want to disable the Optus router Wi-Fi, click here and then untick the Enable Wireless box, as shown here:


How To Disable Optus Modem Wi-Fi

N.B.: At this stage, there are no legitimate ways to use a BYO modem for VoIP purposes; the Optus modem has restricted access to the VoIP settings to Optus administrators (i.e., you require an administrator username/password specific to your Optus modem), rendering the migration of that function unavailable.


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