BYO Router + Optus NBN Modem-Router


Hi, I am about to hopefully connect to Optus NBN  FTTC  waiting for correct upgraded Modem-Router to be sent.

I want to use my own D-Link Wireless AC 1900 Dual band router in conjunktion with the Optus Modem but I am also registered to have Optus phone, I believe that that is possible by connecting the phone into the Opttus modems phone jack.

Please tell me if that is correct and if there is any special permissions that I would need from Optus.

Next wouldd be what type of phone can I connect to that modem I would like to use a Portable Phone with 3 handsets if that is possible. Exampel, Panasonic KX-TG8033ALB.

Hopefully someone here can give me the correct advice.

Many thanks in advance


Re: BYO Router + Optus NBN Modem-Router


Anyone ??

Re: BYO Router + Optus NBN Modem-Router


Hey @helmie - whilst I can't confirm specific equipment compatibility, generally speaking we do support BYO equipment. That being said, you must plug your Optus supplied modem in first to activate your new connection, once your service is activated and working, then you can swap the connection over to your own device.


If you have a home phone number with Optus on the NBN and you intend to use it, you must use the Optus supplied modem as your main network connection as the modem is specially configured to your phone number.  


On top of this, our Tech Support teams will be limited in the troubleshooting and support they can provide if you choose to use your own equipment. 

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Re: BYO Router + Optus NBN Modem-Router


Hi, and thank you GuyCS,

There is just one thing that I am not certain about in your answer to my query, I fully understand that I will need to use the Optus Modem-Router for the Modem function, my big question is after you say the activation with the optus modem can I without problems use my own WiFi Router it is a dual band WiFi Router only has no Modem function, so it is not a Modem-Router only Dual band WiFi Router. 

And yes I have an Optus Phone Number that I need to use and this is the second question, will my phone work by connecting it to the Optus Modem but still using my own Router.

Thirdly, what type of phone will I need in my situation, I am totally  unfamiliar with the different type of phones that are being used with NBN.

Thank you again for your advice that is greatly appreciated

Re: BYO Router + Optus NBN Modem-Router


Hi, I have the same question, but have a HFC connection. I was migrated over to NBN last week, after being on ADSL with Optus before that. My home network was working well previously with the config of a Netgear R7000 router doing all the wifi and wired connections, connected with a single ethernet cable to the Optus modem/router (with wifi on it turned off).


I'm now using the Optus supplied router in the same config (except my landline phone is connected to it also, which works just fine).


Most things are working as before, but there are some strange things that now aren't. Apps on my LG TV now won't work, and the Speed Check app reports that it can't connect to a server, although the web browser app works just fine. E.g., YouTube won't load and the LG Store won't update apps. Also, my Beyonwiz PVR plays up with reporting it can't connect to the internet, but with some coaxing eventually does. All a bit odd.


I'm wondering if it has somethging to do with DHCP and NAT settings, or perhaps other things that need to be changed on the Optus router and/or on my R7000 to make it work. I've made no changes to the R7000 config to believing that it was not necessary as by changing to NBN I was just changing the underlying connection layer and that my home network (which entirely runs on the R7000) would not need to be changed.


Any thoughts please?


I suspect the person asking the question on this thread may come to have these problems, so thought it OK to add my question here. Sorry if that is inappropriate, and if so, ask the admins to please let me know.

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Searching through the Forum I have come across a concerning comment that I would like to have cleared up as well.

At present I have Optus Cable Internet including Optus Phone. But we also have a Telstra landline that has been cancelled some 12 month ago, but is still there. 

Question now is which line did NBN use, the Optus or the as I have read here the old Telstra land line.


Anyone please explain thank you.

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Since nobody answered my question here I went directly to Optus Support and I was guarnteed that the Optus phone line is the one to use for re-cabling.

BE WARNED is you do it will cost you double the money I did

REASON  NBN Technician came to my place because I could not connect and confirmed NBN WILL NOT USE THE OPTUS PHONE LINE IF THERE IS A EXISTING TELSTRA LINE THERE

Now waiting for Cabler to lay new cables from entry point of Telstra Phone Line

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Do you mind if I go in and take a look at the account?




I'm just confused by the Optus line comment. A FTTC service will use Telstra's existing copper lead in cables.

We don't own any copper infrastructure. In Queensland, we do have some NBN customers using our existing HFC lead-in cables (for NBN-HFC) services. 


PM us with your details.


I need your full name, DOB and account number. 


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Re: BYO Router + Optus NBN Modem-Router


Well today I had new Cat5E cable installed from Telstras Phone Line connection on facia board, front of house, and I tested the connection with the suplied NBN connection Box and yes I have 3 blue lights after about 8min second blue light was solid.

So connection to NBN is now possible.

Complete opposite to what I was told by Optus Support


All I need now is How to configure the Optus Sagemcom 3864V3 AC modem into Bridge Mode to only use the provided Optus Phone.



Re: BYO Router + Optus NBN Modem-Router


Hi did you work out how to bridge the optus modem to use the phone line?

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