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Hello all. I am beginner attempting  to set up a D-link, DSL-5300, AC 5300 Cobra Modem/Router to FTTN. I am getting rid of my Sagemcom modem as it is extremely unreliable and drops out continious basis and has poor reception. Any suggestions on how to set this modem up to the NBN would be much appreciated.

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You need to be aware, you do this at your OWN RISK. Optus will not provide you any support on this device, and any NBN Faults will not be sent off without being proved on the S@GEM.


Now, replacing the modem won't necessarily solve "drops", unless the drops you refer too is WiFi quality which isn't a "drop out". But sadly because drop out is used so broadly without more info it's hard to say.


DSL Standard/Mode/Modulation:
Connection Type/Mode/WAN Type:IPoE or Dynamic IP address
VDSL Profile:17a Multi Mode
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@Miledone also you might lose the Optus VOIP phone. 

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IPoE/Dynamic IP sometimes shown as DHCP, depending on vendor. Unsure in this case.

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