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Asus router GT AX11000


hey guys,


currently i am using a modem and a router from optus, but the optus router is not fit with me need so i bougt a new ASUS rog rapture GT AX11000 and was unable to connect to the optus modem, the signal appear in my laptop but it said there is no internet.

 can someone please help me with this?


Re: Asus router GT AX11000


What type of connection do you have, ADSL, NBN?  HFC/FTTN/FTTC?

Do you use the Optus Phone part of your Broadband Service? For the best experience you would be better to just use the New Router and not use the Optus one at all, but this will disable your home phone aspect of your Service.

If you have a HFC/FTTC Service, you can plug from the NBN Modem directly to the WAN Socket of your new Router for Internet, or for ADSL & FTTN to the DSL Socket with the Line, you will need to configure your new router through its setup interface to get working, especially with ADSL, and possible with FTTN.  If it asks for your Connection Type, look for DHCP or IPoE.


Let us know what type of connection you are using, and we can assist further.

Re: Asus router GT AX11000


Hey, thanks, I figured it out. 

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