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Asked to book my own private Technician


Hi guys,

Just wondering if anybody has had this similar experience. After holding off for as long as I can (since the cable I have is absolutely perfect) I have now had to migrate to the NBN.


After multiple attempts at ordering my plan via chat (finally) a technician was booked from optus. Unfortunately the technician was unable to service the property due to missing tools for the job so he took some photos and left. Ive tried to reschedule another but optus told me to try again another day. 


Now I'm receiving calls from the NBN team asking for info I'm unable to give since the technician was unsure how to proceed. 

They now request that I book my own private technician to evaluate the problem.

Is this a common procedure? I would have thought I could rebook another appointment through optus.


Any info is appreciated, 



Re: Asked to book my own private Technician



What type of NBN connection is it?

Was there any mention of needing work done to sockets /internal wiring? If so there are scenarios where the involvement of a private contractor is needed which you can read about here.

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Re: Asked to book my own private Technician


There's a reason why there's a transition period from the old networks to the NBN. Optus has cut the usual 18 months down to just three months for cable users. That time should generally be enough to handle any issues like this. Its understandable cable users have little imperative to go to the NBN (They've had NBN performance for over a decade) but IME its best to make the switch in a timely manner.


Being asked to get your own technician in is possibly just a way to speed up the process, however you should be able to get the connection up and running with just the NBN technician coming out again - its Optus job to figure out what NBNCo need and sort them to provide the install as needed


FWIW I think Optus can't disconnect you now until the NBN is confirmed up and running, however that might involve providing an ADSL or mobile broadband alternative in the meantime.


That said, as @Ray_YC  mentions NBNCo won't rewire your whole house. Are you on HFC or FTTC for your new NBN connection? There are things you need to have in place for the NBN to complete the connection. They should be pretty clear what that is though after the first technician came out.


Peter Gillespie

Re: Asked to book my own private Technician


Thanks for the quick reply and suggestions.


Yeah it's a shame. The optus cable has been great and usually peaking around 100mbps most of the time without congestion so it's unfortunate having to downgrade.

The proposed technology is HFC...

I think the lady representing the NBNco is assuming I need to book my own Tech because I wasn't able to supply sufficient feedback regarding the inspection.


The technician checked the connection and wasn't able to provide any information on how I should proceed. Same thing happened after checking the Optus cable box outside. I said this is the only active connection and it runs straight through to the line that was just tested inside.


Due to the lack of tools he couldn't proceed and seemed nervous to do so. Maybe I'm missing something?


Perhaps I should try optus again to see if they can re-evaluate my situation with another appointment. 



Re: Asked to book my own private Technician

[ Edited ]

Something has gotten mixed up. Your existing Optus install is irrelevant. NBN will be using the Telstra cable and string a new line from the street to the side of your house (to a small box). They will also then run a line from the box into the home to a new outlet port. This is the standard NBN process and it sounds like whoever you were speaking to it wasn't an NBN service guy (maybe from Optus?) They're not allowed to touch anything NBN related.


At this stage I'd forget the personal technician. You just need to request Optus book an appointment to send out an NBN guy to connect your house. Make sure they're aware you have no Telstra cable coming in from the street yet. You should get given a date and go from there. 


FWIW As long as the install isn't faulty you shouldn't see much practical difference with your NBN connection. One big improvement (x40) should be upload speed (although people are not used to using that yet). Cost for the internet will rise $10-$20 or so from before, but that's how both governments decided to pay for it. FWIW the upgrade was pretty important for Optus Cable Customers. The Optus cable network is failing (due to be scrapped by NBNCo as unusable in a few years) - the old HFC system just wasn't built to accomadate the huge increase in number and data of late.


Anyway good or bad, I guess its in all our futures. Just be very glad you didn't get the FTTN straw Smiley Surprised


Peter Gillespie

Re: Asked to book my own private Technician


Thanks again for the advice. I'll try booking another with as much info I can provide.


Yeah I'm aware of the upload speeds however the cons outweigh the pros in my case. It just feels like we're going backwards in our network infrastructure comparing to some other countries. 

As for the future yeah, 2 steps back 1 step forward, time will tell. Smiley Happy

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