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Appalling Customer Service. I just want what I am paying for.

For the past several days now my NBN speed has been hovering around 0.25mbps, when the estimated and usual speed is closer to 11mbps. I finally decided to call Optus regarding this, as I haven't been able to get any work done, due to the speed being so appalling it struggles to load a single page.


So far I have been transferred a total of 11 times, sometimes to billing departments. I have been hung up on 4 times, and I've spent upward of 3 hours on hold. 


I've attempted to call NBN customer service directly, but I was told this is an issue with Optus, and will need to be addressed by them.


I just need access to the service that I am paying for. What, if anything can I do? Or should I just cut my losses and switch companies?

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Re: Appalling Customer Service. I just want what I am paying for.

NBN definitely doesn't doesn't interact with the public. Their customer is Optus. Optus' customer is you.


You will need to arrange for Optus to get the line fixed. That sounds like it would require a technician to come out. 


Usual process should be some diagnostics (off/on/reset/etc.) and if Optus can't connect to your modem at speed from their end then they should arrange for a technician to come out.


Peter Gillespie

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