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Am I even on the NBN?

we got a letter from Optus telling us that our current cable service will be discontinued and it is time to select an NBN provider.


We went with optus becuase tey offeed free installation and we had a bundle discount that made it about the same price as the service we already had.


I got the usual and expected appointment setting texts for a technician to come and install the NBN. Fine. But a few days before a package arrived with what looked like a new modem and an email arrived not long after saying that we didn't an technician and that we could install the new modem ourselfs. Mmm.


Disconect the old modem and chuck the lot in the bin. Open the new box, theres no cable to conect to the wall socket. Fetch that out of the trash, plug it back into the wall. Can't plug the cable into the modem. Mmm. Read the instructions. Important: You must install your netgear modem....


So my my question is, I guess, seriously what the hay? Why do I need two routers? Whats wrong with the modem/router I already had. Am I even on the NBN or still on Cable? If you going to send me a new modem/router why cant you send me one that works with my existing connection if you aren't going to change it?




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Re: Am I even on the NBN?

Your service provider is supposed to guide you through this transition. 


The Optus cable to your house is now defunct. It will be torn down over the next few years. 


Its unclear what NBN technology you have. Check here. FTTN? Cable? FTTC?


It sounds like you have cable which will either use an existing Telstra connention in your home or NBNCo will have installed a new wall plate?  (The old Optus wall plate no longer works)


For HFC (cable) the NBN with Optus has two boxes. A small one to plug the wall plat connection into. And a biger one that has all the functionality. IN the future you might swap the big one but the small one always works with the NBN. You can also plug other modems into the small one (instead of the Optus big one) if you want.


I suggest you contact Optus LIVECHAT (24/7) and they'll help you through the setup.


Peter Gillespie