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Re: Alternate modems/routers

@SuzieG when you say the optus modem is blocking the nighthawk, is it for a particular application or no internet at all? Please remind me of what type of internet service that you have, FTN, HFC etc? by the way what is the model number of your night hawk? does it have a wan port?


I have an HFC connection and tested with the Optus Sagem 3864ACv3 as the Modem and connecting an Asus wifi router from the Optus Lan port to the Asus Wan port, everything works, including fetchtv and optus phone. I say the nighthawk would work the same. If you already have the equipment, then I suggest you power on your nighthawk, only connecting the power. Do a factory reset on the night hawk. Turn it off after reseting. Next connect the Optus modem Lan port to the Nighhawk's Wan port. on a computer or the genie app, setup the nighhawk using the wizard. That should work.


I am now using an the Asus RT86 as my main router directly connected to the Nbn Aries box. Fetchtv work for me. I am on Nbn HFC, not sure if the same applys to other NBN type connections. 

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Re: Alternate modems/routers

I had the same issue with the Optus supplied modem not cutting it. In the end I purchased a Netgear Nighthawk and found that it solved all my wifi issues and FetchTV still works fine, I had been blaming the NBN but it was the rubbish Optus supplied router that was the issue. To solve the home phone issue was a bit harder. You need to purchase a Switch and plug the NBN into the switch, you then need to plug both your new router and the crappy Optus one into the switch. I turned the wifi off on the Optus one as its only use is a box to plug the home phone into. Now my phone and internet works great, Unfortunately it means a lot of stuff plugged in. Come on Optus, either let the home phone work with any router OR supply a half decent one. It’s ridiculous to expect your customer to purchase their own router to support more than 14 wifi devices.