All lights on NBN but no internet.


Hi just got my nbn fttc and everything is set up. All the blue lights are on and the lights on the gateway are on but there is no internet access. I went into the router with the 198. Etc and the screen says you are connected to the internet, but I am definitely not. The blue lan light blinks and the internet light on the gateway is green and blinking but there is no actual internet. My phone is also not working. Could it be that it has not been activated on optus' end? Thanks

Re: All lights on NBN but no internet.



Please see our Can't Connect: NBN troubleshooting page including how to contact us if still needed.

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Re: All lights on NBN but no internet.


Thanks, I've done all that in the link before (multiple times) and have made contact with Optus. Something faulty on their end etc etc 48 business hours. Pretty sure I'll be forgotten and have to  make contact again after this time period goes through and they will tell me to wait another 48 business hours because it's the second time they've given me a time period to wait. The first one was just until end of business day, which I had a feeling wasn't going to happen, and now the 48 hours. 

Re: All lights on NBN but no internet.


Have you had success? I've got the same issue Smiley Sad

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