Adding a TP Link wifi booster to NBN


Hi All,


I am getting pretty poor wifi signal at the other end of the house and went out and bought a TP Link repeater twin pack.

I am having trouble connecting these repeaters as they do not find my network when searching. I am using supplied Sagemcom F@st 3864V3 as my router. 

There are 2 options when linking the repeaters to the routers:

1. By allowing the repeaterto automatically detect the router next to it

2. By pairing with the repeater on a device and going throughthe settings and searching for the network 


Has anyone had luck with these or anything similar.


Thanks for your assistance.


Re: Adding a TP Link wifi booster to NBN


Given this is not an Optus device, your best bet would be to contact TP-Link for support/advice.


I did find this guide which says you can use WPS (which is a horribly insecure way) or via connecting to the range extender and telling it what network to extend...


The problem you have with extenders is, if they are getting poor signal, then you won't get any better coverage.

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