Add my address to Optus and NBN


Hi all,


For the past 4 (nearly but counting) months, I have been attempting to get NBN on my new build house which is in an NBN area.


Background: I owned a piece of land in 2015, subdivided (Council allocated 11A and 11B) early 2017. My builder at the time raised a request (on my behalf) with Telstra (NBN was NOT available in my suburb at that time) to basically register 2 lots. NBN became available around July 2018 onwards.  ALL my utility bills are registered against my physical address 11B (proof provided to Optus and NBN).


I don't really know who decided to split 11 into 11 and 11A.  This was not the council as they have allocated 11A and 11B.


Optus and NBN have addresses 11 and 11A on their respective systems.  Note - 11 no longer exists which Optus and NBN are aware of as they both at one stage have people come physically to check and verify the address.


Issue: As 11B does not exist on the system which basically means NBN is NOT serviceable at my house. NOTE - 11A is getting NBN which I subdivided and carried out the works for Pit and Post. My suburb can definitely NBN as they are massive banners at Optus stores in the area.


Solution: this really is simple. Have both the companies update their system with 11B. 


CHALLENGE: NBN says it's Optus's responsibility to update the address.  Optus are saying it's NBN's responsibility.  NOTE - I have this in writing by both.  TIO (Ombudsman) says this falls outside our remit as there is no service being provided.  Since early September, I have been playing Tennis with these 'not-so-intelligent' companies.  I have forwarded the emails to both parties and both are being stubborn (ego's going crazy) at my expense.


So, does anyone know how my nightmare can be solved? It's clear Optus and NBN are not going to or willing be help me.


Should I involve the media / twitter / ruffle some other doors?


Any help is very much appreciated.



Re: Add my address to Optus and NBN

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It is the internet provider, in you case Optus, who has to request your address to be added as you can see from the this link:

I think your only option is to ring Optus again and quite this link. If that falls a letter of complaint to Optus.

 Otherwise try a different internet provider 


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Re: Add my address to Optus and NBN

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Thanks Dave.


I reported this issue to the ombudsman and a Complaint Manager from Optus has been in contact with me.  Initially the advise was to raise a new development request with NBN which I followed but got rejected by NBN as this is not a new development.


The Complaints Manager has logged another service request with NBN to have the address change which may be declined again as per your link.  The Complaints Manager is adamant that this issue needs to be recified by NBN and not Optus.


I clicked on the link you had sent which contains a number for Optus. This number is for Optus Sales. I contacted Optus just yesterday (again) and also spoke to the technical team.  Neither could help.

Re: Add my address to Optus and NBN


In that case I would send an email to Mitch Fifield, Minister for communications, with a copy to your local federal MP with as much detail as possible. Usually they will allocate someone from their staff to follow through on the issues.

I had a similar stalemate with Centrelink when I was acting on behalf of a disabled relative and it was surprising how quickly it was sorted when I wrote to the minister responsible.

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Re: Add my address to Optus and NBN


I've had similar enquiries come up in the past, therefore I do have an idea of what action needs to be taken. I was just wondering if we or NBN have ever used the terminology.


As far as new developments are concerned, NBN offer the below advice:


Once you’ve completed your early planning, you can register your application and submit your plan to the nbn™ New Development’s Portal. nbn uses the specific details of your project to determine your development’s eligibility, and to help guide you with the relevant building process for your dwelling type.


Now, we can raise a trouble ticket in NBN's service and operations portal, they do have a web form for missing address enquires.


I can go in and raise that for you. You'll need to send us a private message. I need your full name, DOB and complete address.

If you do have an existing Optus account i.e. mobile, I'll grab that off you to. 



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