Activation or Congestion?

Had my NBN "activated" on Wednesday with nothing but dreadful perfomance since. Meant to be 100/40 and my latest speedtest says 1.89 down, 15.62 up. Only time i've ever had even remotely ok speeds is at 6 in the morning where i can get 43 Mbps down. Spoken to tech support on multiple occasions with ranges of excuses from "Congestion" with no date for any expected fix, through to issues with activation where "I see that your area is ready for the NBN Service. However there are a few activities which is still not completed by our back end team because of which there is a speed issue for you and the other issue is, the cable service is still active at your location for that, i will talk to the backend team and i will request the team to disconnect your cable service so once the cable service is disconnected and once the pending activities are completed by the NBN team, your service will completely go active" Now as my cable services (which sat on 60 Mbps all day long for years) has now been disconnected and all i'm left with is dial up speed NBN, my question is, is any of this a real excuse with a real prospect for improved speeds, or am i just wasting my time waiting for this to be rectified? Has anyone had speeds actually improve after the initial activation issues that apparently exist?

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Well that is the million dollar question and given Optus has been giving everyone the same response about upgrades happening soon I don't think they have much credibility left on the subject. I think if it was my connection I would be looking elsewhere as I don't work on the possibilities that something may be improved when they can't even give a time frame on when this might happen. 

Re: Activation or Congestion?


Sooo, no resolution at all so far, no repairs in the 24-48 hours as was suggested by tech support to complete my activation (which was apparently the issue). Still averaging less than 3 Mbps. No one from Optus wants to look into this for me?

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Hi @AinB


Same issue and now into my 3 week.. All you will get from Optus is the run around.. The only bit of good news I can tell you is if you lodge a complaint with the TIO and/or ACCC the Optus will offer to let you exit your contract as this is apparently a resolution as far as the TIO and ACCC are concerned (What a Joke).


Optus have told me that this would only apply to my internet service contract and not all the other services I currently have through them including mobiles etc. If I want to exit those then I would need to pay exit fees. 


Basically you could be in for a VERY long wait to get anything like the service Optus promised. I have been told anywhere from 6 - 12 months.


Optus cannot/will not give you an ETA on a resolution and expect you to be a good little customer and pay your bill in full even though they will not provide you the service promised in full.. 


I wish you luck.. You're going to need it.

Smiley Frustrated

Re: Activation or Congestion?


Hey AinB, I'm sorry to hear that this has been your experience Smiley Sad 


I can absolutely understand that this would be very frustrating.


We'd love to look further into this for you if you'd like to PM through your account details (username/ phone number/ account number) as well as your full name and date of birth.

Re: Activation or Congestion?


PM sent, Marie.


Whilst the activation team still says it is only partially active (without knowing why), tech support confirms the service is fully active and it wouldn't work at all if it wasn't. 


Achieved 0.27Mbps download at 8 pm on Optus' own speed test last night, and still less than 2 at midnight.

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