Activation/connection issues


I'm at wits end. Over 1 month ago I signed up for the NBN. The process has been shambolic and I still have no internet. Bear with me because it will take some explaining.

I signed up in an Optus store. Received the modem and fetch box and an apoointment was made for NBN to install FTTP.

I took the day off work and NBN didnt show. I was later told that the appointment had been cancelled but was not notified. A week later, NBN organised to install the box and they did so. The NBN box appeared functional and the UNI-d1 light was orange which is good.

I hooked up the modem I received. All the lights were flashing but no connection. I was told that this was because the original order had been cancelled. Then they tried to send me another modem and fetch box and organised another NBN installation appointment. I told them this was not neccesary and they just needed to activate my account. I was told that this was not possible due to the earlier mixup and my entire contract was cancelled with the best course of action to start from scratch with a new contract. So this is what I did. I was told it would be activated within 2 hours. This did not happen.

I called again and was told that this time they were definitely going to activate it in 24 to 48 hours. Well the 48 hours is nearly up, there is still no connection and now the UNI-D1 light is off. 

I feel like they are either not listening to me or cannot fix my problem. I dont know what to do and am seriously considering leaving Optus all together. I have been an Optus customer for 10 years and dont want to leave but it is beyond ridiculous at this point. I have never felt so frustrated.


Any ideas? Should I persist. When do I pull the pin?

Re: Activation/connection issues

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Most tech support staff are not that good.


I recommend to use the on online chat 24/7.GO to sales or even billing department. Try them 1st


That is your best options. forget the phone calls. Optus are useless in that area. when an operators doesnt know what to do, they go, I'll transfer you. They just put u back into the queue. Keep a log of the chats. When they continue to fail, go to the ombudsman. Your length of being with them is irrelevant to most of their staff. 

The billings, sales team are very good I found. tech, very few truly know what they are doing. Most follow a crap script and truly dont listen to what you are asking. Good luck Smiley Sad


AND dont fall for the fake empthatic trained responses. As soon as u hear "I understand", dont believe it till you see results.

Re: Activation/connection issues


Thanks. I'll keep that in mind. I just used online help. Now I've been told its an NBN issue and to give it another 24 hours. We'll see what happens but I am not holding my breath......


I'll keep this thread updated as I go.

Re: Activation/connection issues


So almost 24 hours later. No call no email no SMS. And still no internet. 😔

Also made a complaint. Was told they would be in touch within two days....yet another failed promise.


I'll try the online chat again. I'll post what they tell me.

Re: Activation/connection issues


Sorry to hear but not surprised. Their tech teams most operators are crap. Only a handful of good people.


When u get on the chat they can tell u who will call u. Ask for the department's name. Persist. Even when promised of call backs a few days down the track, I would log on the next night and check the previous person put the request in. Many are lazy, look for the 10+ feedback. Keep copies of transcript on an gmail or somewhere u can access. I use to copy and paste. They went oh...


Dont wait is my advise. If u get the CRG dept they are also useless. Dont expect to be going to an escalated department you will get actually better service.Some of the intial chat people are really good & know their stuff. Its the constant checks you need to do. One example I logged on 20 mins later once to confirm one thing, the previous operator had failed to put request in ! Lucky I checked


Wish you luck. Honeslty by biggest mistake i made was not going direct to the TIO when they stuffing around began. I too believed they would act but failed multiple times.


Honestly the 24/7 chat is your best options, late evenings better as you get through quickly



Re: Activation/connection issues


Here is the latest from live chat.


Thanks for your time today. 
As per our converstaion on chat,the issue on your order caused due to technical glitch.I have raised a ticket to resolve it ASAP.
it may take up to 4-5 business days.after that your service will be acivated.


Again. Time will tell and I will update this thread.


Re: Activation/connection issues


Ok. Cool


One thing I need to ask. is the NBN feed to your house ok?

Not clear..


if so, they shouldve given you a incident number raised with NBN or a appointment date to do the NBN installation or tech guy to fixed. I had 4 incidents raised and Optus kept stuffing it up and NBN closed them as not in the correct reporting request format. (Optus constant stuff ups)


If not... then in my example...

I had the standard installation but with all the headaches took them 20 days just to activate the internet.


I got in touch with 'billings' to initally make sure while the tech team danced around on the issue that I was not being charged. This was at 3 week mark. They realised it wasnt activated and then via chat transferred the conversation to the activation team. They did this while I was on the chat and activated the line. Then once done the billings department put a credit through on the account to offset those 3 weeks I had being charged on.


Best I can give on parallels I went through. not much more I can offer to help

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