Access denied to several websites

I am unable to access several websites and apps such as,, etc due to some problem with my nbn connection. All these are accessible using my mobile 4G wifi from my cell phone. I have made several complaints and multiple tickets over 10 months. Several modems have been replaced. Still the same issues. Some mornings I try the sites and they work and then the other days, access denied Somebody mentioned something about Akamai tech hosting websites but then I read and article that Optus and Akamai are working together to protect their connections, so not too sure what the problem is. Is somebody able to help?

Re: Access denied to several websites


Replacing modems would seem pointless.


Is the blocking just for a few minutes or does it last longer? I would suggest the issue might be on your PC. Some tests:


1) Find out the IP address of some of these sites. Next time doesn't work try them direct

2) Disable all firewalls and antivirus (on the PC and on the modem)

3) Reboot to safe mode on the PC and see if still blocked.

4) Check if you are blacklisted


Peter Gillespie

Re: Access denied to several websites


Hi Peter,


thanks for your message. 

the blocking lasts for days.

there are other days when the sites are available.

this happens on every machine in the house that uses the network.

this includes 4 computers on the ethernet and 2 tablets on wifi.


When we change the signal to the 4G signal, these websites are accessible.


Previously, we had a tech tell us that it had something to do with some of the IP addresses being blocked by Akamai technologies as they are one of the biggest hosters of websites.


I have had several technicians visit us without the issue being resolved.


I did a search on google and came up with changing the DNS to or something like that, but wanted some advice before I start playing around with the settings on the NBN modem.

there are many more websites, smh being just one of them.


appreciate your assistance or anyone else who can assist.






Re: Access denied to several websites

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Ok Sharad I received your private message and I have found your post. The advice you have been given by Peter and the advice you have read from others is solid and worth pursuing. May I ask if you receive an error message with a code when these sites don't display? The information on the Akamai website suggests they don't block access to any of their clients.

Re: Access denied to several websites


Thanks for this direction.

I shall attach the error messages.

I have also spoken to one of the blocked sites '' and they have advised me that they do not provide any direction to their hosting service (akamai) to block certain ip addresses.

In addition to this, we do not have static ip's from Optus.




thank you for your continued assistance



Re: Access denied to several websites


A DNS issue is a strong possiblility. (Basically its just the PC that stores/converts to Setting it to is fine (That's googles own global DNS). Reset it back if you want if it gives no help.


Peter Gillespie

Re: Access denied to several websites


Thanks Peter. I shall try this out. For some reason Optus keeps sending new Modems. 

Shall set this new modem up with the dns and this should help. 


Apprexiate the assistance. Shall let you know if this works. 

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