5G - When, where and why the hell not ?!?!?


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Well, lately we've been hearing all the hoopla about 5G and what it promises. At the moment, I'm still on RDSL and getting a whopping 4Mbps (on a good day) and paying  $120 per month (great deal you've got going there, Optus...NOT!). The reason for this is because NBN was scheduled to be available by April '18 (a few months after we moved in to the new house), and as expected, it has been put back yet again to be available by Jan-Mar 2020. My bet is that is will be put back a few months yet again by around November, or once we start getting close to the supposed availability date. 


For the last six months, I've been joking that 5G wireless will be available in our area (Thornlands...a SE Brisbane suburb, so we're not out in the sticks!), but now I'm starting to wonder if this will actually come to fruition. Of course, the testing phase is only in suburbs that are much more well-off than ours, but does anyone know when 5G coverage will be expanded into more suburbs around Brisbane? I've read somewhere that Optus will be offering unlimited 5G wireless for only $70 per month with a guarantee of a minimum speed of 50 Mbps (I'd kill for that right now), but is this true? If anyone could tell me when it might come to Thornlands too, it would be great!


The internet in our neighourhood (about 10 years old) is terrible at best and I have made enquiries to Telstra about switching to them who then promised at least 7 Mbps, but of course, they never called me back when they said they would, so I'm still stuck with Optus. What frustrates me the most is to see all of the nieghbourhoods in the surrounding areas either have NBN listed as available or under construction. 


If 5G wireless comes into our area, would it make the NBN redundant? I'm hoping so because so many people are complaining about the NBN, and I would love to see 5G stick it to the $50billion waste of money that is NBN. I've got two young girls (9 and 11) who are stretching our bandwidth to the limit atm, so any increase in speeds would save my sanity. 

Re: 5G - When, where and why the hell not ?!?!?


I know your area quite well (been living in Victoria Point for last 13 years).


5g expansion will take time, just like 4g expansion. 

Dont have any solid info for you but I did see on the acma radcom site (fed gov website for radio spectrum sites and allocations)  that Capalaba has Optus 5g planned and even live in some parts - Capalaba is not on the trial list either so one would expect that Capalaba would be going live for customers after the trial finishes.


Only a short hop from Capalaba so at least its withon 10kms of us. 

Our local fed mp wpuld rather drink bear while upside down so that does not help. 

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Re: 5G - When, where and why the hell not ?!?!?

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Guess where we moved from to Thornlands...Capalaba! lol The irony is that we are closer to an exchange than what we were in Capalaba by at least 2km and theoretically should be getting 7 Mbps, but we are getting the same we had in Capalaba pre-NBN. 


We had NBN there and it worked great (ie 45mbps on the 50 plan was not unusual) once it actually got going (spent a week with no internet while NBN blamed Optus and Optus blamed NBN!). Now, it's a complete joke. We have to pay $130/month for a tenth of the speed NBN offers. 


Friends of ours who live 2km away in Thornlands had Telstra cable but are now being forced to get NBN at a slower download speed. Since the construction started, their connection has been crap. 


Is it any wonder why Australia is falling farther and farther down the internet scale on a global basis? You'd think that given we are one of the flattest continents on the planet that we'd have great internet communication with LOS. But, I have to give credit where it's due, Australian mobile covereage and prices are miles ahead of what's available in N. Armerica.



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