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Occasional Contributor
Occasional Contributor

4 Weeks Without NBN Connection after a downed cable in high winds.

Four weeks now I've been waiting for my downed cable to be fixed.

NNBCo missed last two scheduled appointments. 

Optus are my only point of contact and seem unable to push things along. 

TIO complaint made.

Frustration at an all time high. Blood pressure medication incoming. 

Anything else I can do other than twiddle my thumbs and name my wifi connection to "NBNCo Suck Donkey Nads"? 🙂



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Online Community Manager
Online Community Manager

Re: 4 Weeks Without NBN Connection after a downed cable in high winds.

@Silverback, do you have a fault reference you can pass along? I'm happy to check how we're progressing with this one.


The neighbours might get a bit of a laugh out of your WiFi Network name: D

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Occasional Contributor

Re: 4 Weeks Without NBN Connection after a downed cable in high winds.

Thanks for the response Dan but I'm very happy to say the NBNCo techy rolled up at about 5:30pm and did his thing with his pliers on the fibre on the outside and inside boxes and I'm connected again.

One day short a calander months outage. Yay me! Must have been my inspirational WiFi SSID name. 

Have now changed it back to something more appropriate in praise of Bob - Lord Of The Working Interwebs!


I do feel somewhat compelled to provide you with some feedback however.


First of all, the communication between Optus and NBNCo appears to be in a terrible state.

Secondly the communications between Optus and myself was lacking. I had to make all the running, Promised callbacks and updates never happened which I can only assume was down to the terrible state of comms between yourselves and NBNCo.


Now I do appreciate that my issue was well and truly out of Optus' hands and firmly the hands of NBNCo but if my experience is in any way typical of a fibre repair / replacement then my sincere sympathy goes out to anyone else who has to contend with the levels of customer service they can expect from either yourselves or NBNCo.


On a positive note, most the Optus reps I spoke to by phone and texted via the live chat handled themselves and an increasingly irrate customer (me) in a most excellent manner. I've no doubt I tried the patience of many people over the past few weeks and possibly given Dan Murphy's unprecedented profit margins. 😉

Special thanks to the supervisor I spoke with who organised the internet assistance package for me after two weeks outage - an absolute lifesaver.

He also took the time out to explain the situation at that time and he was remarkably accurate in his estimation of my expected down time. 


Raspberries however to the gentleman from Optus who contacted me on the stroke of the TIO's "get in touch with me date" and was simply a patronising little git (for want of words that would make a nun blush). 


Getting any useful information out of anyone as to what was wrong and most importantly (to me at least) what time frame I should expect for a fix was frankly impossible until I was able to contact a supervisor. I may not have liked what he had to say but it was something to hang my hat on. 


I've been an Optus customer for approaching twenty years. Mostly up's with a handful of downs over that time period.

I consider that quite acceptable or I'd have voted with my feet.

You really need to do better with your communications though.


With respect to NBNCo..


The NBNCo techs/engies were pleasant, informative and obviously good at their job - when we eventually saw them.

Visit one to diagnose(?) the problem took <24 hours - although that tech went to the wrong address.

A second visit was required the following day.

It took nearly two weeks after that until the outside crew arrived to replace the fibre to my outside box then another ten or so days wait for the next gentleman to bridge the rest of the connections.

Whoever sits in the smoky backrooms and schedules these people need a right good kick up their collective a**es.

NBNCo admin came over as a complete rabble.

I spoke with one person from NSW yesterday (this was a local holiday in Victoria) who was happy to tell me some NBNCo people worked on holidays and I should make myself available from 1-5pm as was scheduled in an SMS from them last Friday - despite my misgivings.

Of course they never showed up and the day was completely wasted. Most irritating!


Heaven help Australia's future if we're relying on them to organise the maintenance of the infrastructure if it takes four weeks to organise the replacement a downed cable. 


So overall, a very unsatifactory experience but hopefully an isolated one.

Naturally I'm ecstatic to have my broadband back but I'm still wondering why it took so long and why no-one seemed to know what was going on. 















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Occasional Contributor
Occasional Contributor

Re: 4 Weeks Without NBN Connection after a downed cable in high winds.

Following my fix on Tuesday 13th I woke up to no internet on Thursday. Red light (optical) on my inside NBN box again. 😞


Text chat at 5am (how good is 24 hour text chat support) followed by a phonecall at about 9am resulted in an NBNCo techy being booked for Friday morning.


Some twiddling with the optical fibre on my inside NBN box had me up and running again. Presumably that connection had came loose or something.


So it's now Sunday morning and I wake up to no connection yet again. Currently patiently awaiting text chat support again.


Frustrating or what?!


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