25 year a custom - yet no help - Shafted


I won't go into all details - but moved from reliable cake to flaky NBN. In hack it is HFC over powerlines !


so August I had to move to NBN - then I had multiple account so December had to cancel and resetup Fetch. New unit and all. I was meant to my bill emailed me. I was told my "new" account was in credit. 


Sonce i I went to NBN I can't watch a clip of any type without buffering - trying to buy a movie is  a nightmare... but that's not my issue ...NOooo


so Wednesday I come home - no internet, no email nothing . So I callled the next day to learn that my account had be cancelled for non payment.. no warning , no email, no call nothing - just cancelled.


you think being a customer for 25 years would be valued .... long story short over the last two days after 2+ hours and 11 different people I was initially told if I made a payment and a promise to pay the outstanding amount on payday they would do the paperwork and I would be back in an hour (not the usual 10 days).


well. I still don't have email or internet - I lost a job offer because well it bounced and they lost patience - and I have no wifi etc...


so I tried face book - "we will PM you" nope. So I have have been lied to, had agreements broken and been tefuded a request to speak to a manager.


OPTUS... Do customers matter to you ? Not only am I getting an inferior service via NBN - I have been disconnected because of an internal suff up. I mean (a) why would I stop paying my bill after sticking with OPTUS for 25 years, and then agree to pay half of a bill you never billed me for and actually told me I was in credit - and then deny it ? I am at my wits end. Do you have a retention team - because if you ever sort this out - I am seriously thinking you don't want this or any customers any more. Joe

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