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I had nbn FTTC installed and activated on April 24 in South Frankston. My cable service is still connected with my landline also connected to the cable. I have contacted Optus support and they confirmed both sevices are running and cant tell me when the cable service will be diconnected.  The FTTC sevice is excellent, consistently around the 40 mark. 

Re: 2 services


So you have requested the old service be disconnected? The should be the date your bill finalises (not the date Optus gets around to shutting off the service). In general Optus should close an existing service as part of moving to the NBN, but they do have an obligation to ensure the NBN service is working first and it is a completely new contract. So its possible to be paying for two services at once. Just make sure Optus is notified the old service should have been closed when the NBN kicked in.


Peter Gillespie

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