2 nbn lines same address


So....on July 11 I place an order to change my adsl2 to an nbn. INT-va1appis14-1562807856416-34877. An order was placed 116926.  We explained that we share the same address as mum but she has always stayed a loyal Telstra client and kept a seperate telstra line.  In February she changed her line to nbn for her home phone but does not use the internet.  We also have a daughter studying in Townsville and we pay her internet so we have an nbn service on our account but Townsville is 11 hours drive away so we will not be sharing her service.

I queried the part about porting and double checked that mum's telstra line would  not be affected.

On July 27 I checked the update on our order through chatline again and they said my service was active. INT-sv1appis12-1564208001104-32432  I was still only getting 2.8mpb and told them I was not getting nbn. We had no modem delivered and no technician so I was confused. I chatted again and was told I see the service is completely active and understand you are facing speed issue.. I have escalated this to the right team and The system is experiencing a system upgrade at this time. We are aware of the issue, however I can capture your request, once the system is available it will be processed immediately. INT-sv1appis16-1564215754278-101816

I checked again on July 30 and was told my townsville service was completely active and no new order had been placed for my residence. INT-sv1appis16-1564480510660-160401 That chat was then disconnected probably because it was a slow adsl2 connection. Log on again INT-sv1appis14-1564483947772-161069 was told the order was cancelled and got disconnected again.

Aug 2 told the order was in its progressing stage. INT-sv1appis14-1564745306032-214726

Aug 4 I was told the service was active but the speed pack was not activated.  Give it 4 hours and you'll be up and running! Ha! 


Four hours later INT-va1appis13-1564916773263-254856 sorry one speed pack is not active.  Give it 15 minutes!

so it appears we signed up again on Aug 7 INT-sv1appis16-1565171855443-18093

We received a modem.  Woo hoo progress.  Activation date 13 Aug.  On 15 Aug INT-sv1appis15-1565816480105-137120

It appears they have cut off my mother's Telstra??? How can they do that? and switched the nbn to her line and we can connect via wifi to her telstra modem but she has no phone.

More chats more phone calls more disconnections.  I think at this stage we will have to cancel our ADSL2, get a wifi extender and hook into the Telstra NBN so mum gets a phone?


Re: 2 nbn lines same address


Hi at @dallassuzanne,


A lot of info there. Unfortunately this is a public forum and generally only fellow customers will be look in. If you want to get into the specifics of your account you need to contact LIVECHAT / FACEBOOK etc. and talk to Optus direct (which you seem fine at doing)


Main thing we need to know is what NBN technology you are getting (got?) . It should tell you here. I'm guessing it will be HFC which means the NBN will be using the Telstra line into the house. If it is FTTC then that will use your existing copper lines. Can you let us know?


Peter Gillespie

Re: 2 nbn lines same address


Hi Peter. We have FTTN and I believe Optus “rent” the line from Telstra. There is an available data “port”/“node” we can use.

Re: 2 nbn lines same address


Hi @dallassuzanne ,


Its a bit unclear your exact physical arrangement (visa vi your Mum) but I can provide the following information. 


1) Telstra has their HFC Network and Optus has theirs. Neither 'rents' access to the other.

2) Usually if you have an existing Telstra Cable then the NBN would use that to provide NBN services (phone and internet)

3) NBNCo only use Tesltra cable, not Optus cable.


Where things get confusing is you saying you are FTTN. Generally you can only have one NBN connection into a house.Its important to figure out just who you (and your mum) are/were connected to. This is how I see things (assuming you live on the same property but both used different internet (ADSL / Telstra Cable) - (as an aside why not just both use tyhe cable?)


1) Your Mum had Telstra cable. She is not on the NBN but still on cable - can you confirm this?

2) You had ADSL and have put in an order for NBN which will be FTTN

3) You can have both old Telstra cable and new NBN FTTN running at the same time.


Note that 18 months after NBN arrives in your area the Telstra cable will be disconnected forever. But you say you are still getting internet, just not phone? I'm making to many guessed here. Perhaps you could PM me your street address and I could look at the NBN results too.


But the net answer to your question is soon you can only get internet (and phone) via the FTTN copper wires that connect to your phone line. There are several options on extending the line to your Mum's but can you give some indictaion of the physical arrangement? Two houses?


Peter Gillespie

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