100/40 plan, half the download speeds


so i recently got my speeds upgraded to 100/40 but it appears that my download is somehow throttled? Doing a speed test, i disconncted all devices except for 1 and I received 52 mbps download, the speed would start at around 80-90mbps and then it would gradually go down back to 40-50. I have never gotten a result above 50mbps. Now that is half the download im suppose to get. I do not know whats happened. My upload is fine, i get like 37mbps upload so i know my line is capable of those speeds (FTTC) if anyone can help give me insight it would be appreciated.

Re: 100/40 plan, half the download speeds


Hi @made_arsana ,


FWIW Upload speeds are seperate from download speeds in performance. Its possible to have 40Mbps up and 2Mbps down (although something is obviously wrong in that case)


You are correct FTTC can do 100Mbps easily (if configured correctly). I would do the following in order:


1. Confirm if its a peak hour issue? Do you get 100Mbps at say 5pm?

2. Cofirm its not a wifi issue - your speed tests are over a wired device?

3. Confirm Optus has actually applied the 100Mbps speed pack - This can often be hard to get actioned but as you are getting 80Mbps at the start then it seems like it is active already.

4. Get Optus to confirm your line speed from their end. They should be able to see the issue too.


I suspect its an NBN issue which will require Optus to contact NBNCo on your behalf and do a line test / fix.


Peter Gillespie

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