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Online Community Manager

My Optus Prepaid recharge isn't working

If you’re having trouble recharging your Optus Prepaid service, it could be for a number of reasons. Check out the below options:

Incorrect number selected

If you’ve accidentally entered the wrong mobile number when recharging, unfortunately it cannot be changed or reversed. Take care when typing in the details.

Pending / In Progress recharges

If your Optus Prepaid recharge status remains pending it could mean we need more information from you. You’ll be contacted by our Optus Prepaid recharge processing team, so make sure to keep your phone on.

Unsuccessful or declined recharges

Your Optus Prepaid recharge could be declined for a number of different reasons. See below to determine why your recharge didn’t work:

Financial institution problems: Your recharge may have failed if you have insufficient funds in your account. Contact your bank or financial institution for help.

Voucher expired: If you try to use an expired recharge voucher, it will fail.

Recharge limit exceeded: Your recharge may have failed if you’ve reached the maximum number of recharges allowed within a 24 hour period. Wait a day and try again.

Maximum balance exceeded: Your Prepaid service has a maximum credit balance of $500. You will need to use your existing balance or reduce your recharge amount.

If you’re still having problems recharging, leave us a comment below so we can help 🙂

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