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Why does OPTUS support not have a tel #. Not one that can be found easily on the OPTUS WEBSITE

OPTUS WEB support does not work.

CHAT is nearly useless and near impossible to get on. Cannot solve any problem. I have been passed in 4 hours to 10 plus people - no solution, supervisors are 100% USELESS. The latest is go to a shop - DONE THAT and the shop cannot help and says contact online support.

I need a tel # to call and someone to stay online until the problem is solved. If I can stay online for 8 hours why cant the support person do the same. It is an OPTUS problem that is affecting me while I am being billed for a service I am not receiving and I am being asked to wait.  I don't see messges being sent to OPTUS billing to suspend billing until OPTUS SUPPORT sorts out the problem. The bills still keep coming. This is Illegal by Australian law, charging for a service that is not provided.

Can you give me the telecom ombudsman complaint page.

I would ask everyone with a complaint to make 10 complaints a day to the Ombudsman like what the Teen Tiktok members did to Trumps campaign rally. This will get OPTUS SUPPORT ATTENTION, or at least the Telecom Ombudsman's attention.

The more complaint the better the service!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Look out for my Facebook page on OPTUS PROBLEMS


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Re: support?????????????????

@Trinilimer1 wrote:

The more complaint the better the service!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So can I complain to Optus about your spamming posts to make this forum better?

You do bursts of outrage posts every year (since 2017) and waste everybody's time asking for help and NEVER respond to a singe persons reply.