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can't log onto my account

so i'm having major issues with my account.


when i log in i get the attached screenshot


Screen Shot 2017-11-06 at 4.41.32 pm.png


it's been doing this since i added a fetch mini to my account last week.


before you ask:


I have cleared cookies. I have tried it on Chrome and Safari on a mac. I have tried it on Edge and Chrome on windows and Chromium on Linux.

I was due to reformat the mac, which i did, but the issue still remains. i am 100% it is not my hardware.


i have done 3 password resets, your chat staff have done about the same. i have a job logged (ref dn-1711-sey) and still noting. if this post gets no traction i'm cancelling my iphone X order and going to the TIO

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Re: can't log onto my account

Hey Tejas21, this isn't what we like to hear. If you're still needing a hand with this, please PM us through your full name, d/o/b, telephone number and My Account email address as we'll be able to look into this further. 

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