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can't link new service to my account

 I bought a new mobile broadband service from an optus shop and the assistant in store linked it to my account.  I have 2 services with optus.  I couldn't see the new broadband service on my account and i got online to chat with one of the online assistance who troubled shooted with me for 40mins and said that i would have to wait 48 hours.  It is now Tuesday 31st July at night and it's been more than 48 hours.  I've got onine with another online assistant who hasn't been able to assist and as "Ludwig" told me to log on to a new window, I've lost the chat!

OPTUS.....i absolutely hate your aftersales service!  everyone bloody time there's a problem, there is no way of getting a straight forward and quick answer and I've wasted enough of my time on this.  GET IT SOLVED b'cos if you can sell a product easily online or instore, none of your customers should have to endure this!!!!  ALL I WANT TO DO IS TO BE ABLE TO CHECK UP HOW MUCH DATA IS LEFT AFTER MY USAGE AND THERE IS JUST NO WAY OF DOING SO AS FAR AS I CAN SEE. 


I want this resolved ASAP!!!!


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Re: can't link new service to my account

Hey I can get this fixed up for you, sorry to hear you've had so many difficulties already. Shoot me a private message with the below information and I'll get back to you asap.


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