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Occasional Contributor

Will I need to recontract if moving?

Hi all,


I am guessing the answer is YES, but I thought that I would ask anyway.


I currently have FTTP NBN with Optus and have had for 3 years now so I am out of contract.  I am looking at moving and my target area only has FTTN.  Would I have to recontract with Optus when I move or can they just transfer my account to the new connection?


Thanks heaps

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Honoured Contributor

Re: Will I need to recontract if moving?

Optus can definitely just change your account to the new address. The NBN makes this extremely simple. 


That said as you are out of contact, unless you are trying to preserve a land line number then imo just sign up to a current plan (Optus or anyone) at the new address. Cancel your existing plan at the old house one you move out.


Peter Gillespie

Online Community Manager
Online Community Manager

Re: Will I need to recontract if moving?

@petergdownload has offered some good advice there @correva


Remember, we do offer month-month no lock-in contract plans, so that's always an option for you.


If any other questions pop up, please shout out 🙂 



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