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WiFi Hotspot

Why can't I set up a personal hotspot on my iPhone? I have been with Optus it for a month and able to use the hotspot and now all the sudden it tells me to contact Optus to set up personal hotspot. I have 4G and a prepaid ultimate plus plan. Also it is absolutely ridiculous that you can't talk to a human being when you call Optus. You get rerouted and eventually hung up on after dealing with robots and pressing numbers. If you're going to change the rules on me suddenly about hotspots and tell me I need to "contact Optus" to set one up, I actually need to be able to do that. Thank you.
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Honoured Contributor

Re: WiFi Hotspot

I don't think any plans have changed in this area. 


You hit 'hotspot' on the iPhone and it says contact Optus?


Sounds more like a setup issue.


Read more about it here


I agree though that Optus support seems to be going through some hard times at the moment.




Peter Gillespie