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How can I personally view my Webmail Password without changing it?

My reason I'm going to Thailand and normally check on the Internet and bring up Optus Webmail to check any mail. If I have trouble would like to know my up to date Password .

Or should I try and Verify over the phone with one of your Staff

I think the P/W is different to my Optus normal account I have. Acc: *****

Please send e: hidden

John Mc Pherson    


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Re: Webmail

Hey @mcphersoninspec.

At this stage, our Webmail service doesn't allow you to view your password without changing it, unfortunately.

In saying this, I'm happy to forward the feedback to the Optus net product team although, this does not necessarily mean there will be a forthcoming improvement I'm afraid.

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Respected Contributor

Re: Webmail

Optus should not be storing your password at all as its a major security violation if they do.

So if they are following industry standards its impossible to do what you are asking.