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Webmail password not working and wont reset


I have had this issue for the last month.

I went into my outlook and out of the blue it was requesting my password log in. My password is saved in my computer and  automatically defaulted to the log in password request, but outlook was saying password is incorrect. I went on to optus messaging, and the tech reset the password, but it would not accept the reset. This was tried numerous times.  It eventually reset, but what was reset was my optus account, not my webmail. I went onto optus messaging the next evening to sort it out and was advised that the password could not be reset as Optus is having issues with this and they don't know when it will be fixed, and to just keep trying to log in every day.

At present i cannot access my optus account. I created a new email address, but cannot change it on outlook because it requests a password to change to the new email. I am totally locked out of my webmail with no advise but to wait - for how long i have no idea.



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