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New Contributor
New Contributor

Unable to log into My Account

Hi, I can't log into Myaccount.

When I type my email address and click 'Forgot Password' I get an error message: 'Use the email you set the account up with'.
I only have one email address.

Another question about Direct Debit not working twice and the usual paper bills arriving telling me my account is overdue... why is everything so hard with Optus?

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Online Community Manager
Online Community Manager

Re: Unable to log into My Account

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There is usually a bit more involved to the Forgot Password process with My Account. It should prompt you to enter your Date of Birth as well and then your service number or internet username or account number before it sends a temporary password.
Did it take you through these steps?

Also make sure there are no spaces either before or after where you enter your e-mail address.
You may need to try another internet browser.

The common reason why Direct Debit doesn't work is when the automatic payment is attempted on the due date it is declined. To know the specific reason please speak with our Live Chat team (who should also be able to assist with the MyAccount issue).

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