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Ridiculous service

To whom it may concern

Just to Inform you that you would bé also aware about the ridículous Service provided  B-Y you people and i am definately going to escalate that to fair Trading and social Media.I am been with out my phone for the last 8 days even after 15 chats and 5 phone calls to you people.The minimum duration to reach you people on phone is 1 hour and every chat explaination finishes in half an hour and that too in vain. All your CSR promises for 24-48 hours Time for activation and after 48 hours they say that the Representative has lodged the wrong complaint.I have filled 15 customer information forms that i Don’t believe anyone should because i work on call and because of that i was losing my work.At last on Friday i waited for an hour to talk to the Mànager and at last I was connected to Niveda in porting Time.She promised me to get my Service activated on priority basis and took my husbands number to provide me an update but again all false promises. No call.I waited till Monday and then started from scratch. I again called her and asked about her promise.She said it will bé activated in 15 minutes.I asked her to call me after 15 minutes when the activation is done .Again i was an idiot who was believing you.No call .I called again after half an hour and she had left for the day.The CSR present there told me that it will take 24-48 hours Moré yesterday evening.

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Re: Ridiculous service

Hi @Sonika - not great to hear of your experience trying to get your number ported across. Really sorry for the runaround you've had so far.

Can you please send me a private message with the following information so that we can investigate on our end:


Are you the primary account holder: Y/N
Full name: 
Date of birth: 
Service number:


We'll also be able to pass on feedback in regard to your experience.

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