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Reopen my phone account

Hi there, I cancelled my optus phone service two months ago, but now I want to reopen my phone account and use my original number, is that possible?
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Re: Reopen my phone account

@LingziZhang  Yes Crowd is a public forum and not a direct support point for Optus.
Note: Yes Crowd cannot access or view customer accounts/orders.

If the number was issued by Optus it should be possible. Phone numbers are stored for 6 months and then recycled. If the number was ported to Optus the number reverts back to the issuing Telco but I do not know the exact time frame whether it is immediate or after 6 months.

Option 1 Please message Optus Support 24/7 from the My Optus app. If you do not have access to the My Optus app you can use social media to contact Optus Support, please send a PM to Optus on  Facebook or a DM on Twitter and include in the message you do not have access to the My Optus app.

Option 2  If you are not in lockdown and practical visit your local Optus Store or call them. The Optus Website the last time I checked had a direct telephone listing for the local stores.

Option 3 Contact Optus Sales 1800 780 219 

You will have to sign up for a current plan. 


I am an Optus user.
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