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NBN remote access

I have Optus NBN connected at my residence with unlimited Data. As I am away from home for over two months can I some how still access this data?  It seems unfair that I am still paying for the home service and it is not being used!

Any ideas would be appreciated.



(PS I have heard that Telstra does allow some form of remote usage of a home account)

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Re: NBN remote access

Hey @JClerke, thanks for getting in touch here. Unfortunately we don't have anything available for NBN remote access on our end. You should be able to set your personal PC up for remote access and access that while you are away, you would need an Internet connection or Hotspot from when you are accessing that though so it would still use data to remote access. 

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Re: NBN remote access

Suggest you investigate a Launtel NBN account. They are unique as far as I know in that they charge for the NBN by the day. You can pick any speed you like each day, from 0Mbps to 1000Mbps. If you pick 0Mbps while away then you pay nothing. Also handy if you're happy with say 50/20 most days and just want to dial up to 100/40 (or 1000Mbps if you can get it) for special situations.

NB You don't have to pick a new speed every day, just when you want to change it.