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'MyAccount' issues

OK, so I've created my online MyAccount today to check the status of my account and pay my first bill. Issues registering the account, 30 mins later and two online chat reps, I'm finally able to login.


First issue, minor by annoying. The 'nickname' you associate to a payment card that you'd like to save, has to be 20 characters or less. Fine, but why tell me this after I've attempted to save the card details with a longer than allowed name only to find all the card details have to be re-submitted?

Card details entered and 'payment confirmed'. However, card details not saved (yes, I did check the 'save for later' box). Payment not showing in 'payment history'. Another online chat with rep who stated payments can take up to 48 hours to show. Up to 48 hours for the payment to be processed is fine, but at least show the payment in my history immediately, even if it is 'pending'.


Payment confirmed and noticed that a 'small fee' is applied to credit card payments. However there is no fee applied to direct debit payments. So, I attempt to create a direct debit, only to be met with the helpful message "Unable to add direct debit". Attempted this six or seven times over 2-3 hours using different browsers, failed each time with same message.

Third online chat. Rep stated "might be to do with a system upgrade". My reply, which was unanswered, was "Fine, can you please tell me where I can read about the planned system outage and the date/time the upgrade will be taking place".


So far, and we're only talking a few hours, my opinion of 'MyAccount' is less than impressed. Would be keen to know why I've had so many issues in such a short space of time and whether I can expect similar service in the future?


Forgot, the online rep advised installing the mobile App as this can do all that the MyAccount page can do. Little did I know that this only works for those people using Optus as their mobile phone provider.

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Re: 'MyAccount' issues

I'm yet to see anything meaningful in the "myaccount" app. I've had 3 online chat sessions where I'm told each time that my services will be linked in 24-48 hours. I was also told that my issues are due to a "system upgrade"... of which there was no notification... and sounds like is some kind of standard response...

Currently my dashboard displays nothing except a "busy" whirl... 😞


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