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My account log in error


Hey guys! I have trying to reach the team to help me for million times. 


However, they keep re-setting the my PW for My account rather than resolve the issue.


The chat team confirmed that my My account log in ID will be 
"" account which I never link or choose to use as My account logging ID. 


Anyway, whenever I try to log in error msg below shows and can not proceed it further.


would you be able to advise?



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Trusted Contributor
Trusted Contributor

Re: My account log in error

I very much doubt that is the login ID, but it is where you go to login.


I think the mobile platform has more trouble logging in, that the PC platform on Chrome/Firefox.


I was trying to log in last night, on my Samsung Tab, and it was almost hopeless.


Some tactics you can use are cookie deletion and private browsing. Their login code is useless. They should all be put against the wall and riot hosed, then decorated with clown hats.


Another thing you can do is create another My Account, and migrate to it. Whatever you do, don't use the mobile platform to attempt a login. It's useless for most things.




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