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My Optus Portal

Hello there


This is my first post.  I have recently made changes to my optus service and looked into the MyOptus portal to self manage my account.  I can understand that for business reasons Optus has to operate its Internet services separate to Mobile services... But i fail to understand why customers need to interact with Optus Online services separately too... Essentially I consider that I have two accounts with Optus.. one Internet account and one Mobile account. I have to log in twice to manage each of these services...  Imagine if your bank asked you to log into separate portals to manage each of your accounts?  


Secondly, when you opt to view the bill online, it generates a pdf.  This is such an outdated system design as are other features in the self service portal... 

I am considering Opting Out  of this service  altogether as there have been so many billing errors It is exceptionally frustrating experience.  Is Optus considering a change to the design of it self service portal ?





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Re: My Optus Portal


I don't know what Optus is doing, they have changed the design of their web page, before I was able to see both internet and mobile accounts in MyAccount portal, and interact with both account on the same logon just by clicking on any of them.

Then they changed the design and I could stil see both accounts on the same page but by clicking on the internet account it would take me to another web page to view this account (but I did not have to log in again).

I had a Chat with Optus (on 15/01 with Gigi) and he or she said that he or she is now linking both accounts together to enable me to interact with both on the same web page in MyAccount.

30 seconds later, my internet account number disapeared from MyAccount, when I asked what happenned, the reply was "don't worry, the system has to reboot for this to be applied, it could take 24H), I said okay I will wait, knowing very well that it would not reapear....... and guess what, 10 days later I still don't have access to my internet account.

I have called Optus this morning and after 45 mns on the phone, the guy had no idea of what to do and the communication got  disconnected (as they do when they don't know how to fix a problem).

And that's another FAIL from Optus to be added to my very long list of stuff .

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