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New Contributor

Missing emails for a 3 hour window

Today I am missing emails for a period of approximately 3 hours. I know emails were sent to my account as my husband was cc’d in on one of them. My email address was correct. I have checked from my outlook as well as webmail and have also checked junk/spam folder.

This is not the first time I have noticed this happening, but the first time I was actually waiting on a particular email and thanks fully my husband was cc’d.
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Re: Missing emails for a 3 hour window

Hey there @Kerrie6753. It's not great to hear that you are having troubles with your Webmail service. I recommend testing out some of the following steps to see if it helps make any improvements to you service.

→Clearing cookies/cache from your web browser

→Using a private/incognito mode browser session

→ Try to use a different web browser (eg: Chrome, Safari)

Feel free to let us know how you go with the above.

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