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Data usage incorrect on app



I’m new to Optus and have been using the Optus app (iPhone) to monitor my data usage. 


When I checked recently, it said that I had used 33% of my allowance 6 days into the billing cycle, admittedly I have been using my phone to watch the World Cup (when available ;)) through Optus sports app, but no much else.


i spoke with the online chat guys and they said that my plan includes the entertainment pack and Optus sports app data is not metered.


my problem is two fold:


1) your app misleads me to think that I’m using more than my allowance, so if I start slowing my usage, you reap the benefit me paying for something I don’t use.


2) if I go over my allowance ( albeit a fake reading) am going to be charged?


Your online chat responded and said to log onto website, which shows data breakdown. This was incorrect

They also said they would text me “within 24hr” the breakdown ie. metered and not metered data. This didn’t occur either.


Can someone explain why the app doesn’t accurately reflected between metered and not metered data?



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Re: Data usage incorrect on app

Hey @Javi2018 - thanks for reaching out. Apologies for our delayed reply. Have you been able to speak to anyone since positing?

If not, can you please send through screen shots via private message showing the discrepancies? 

I'll take a look. 

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