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Data Usage Not Correct?

Hi everyone,


I'm hoping someone has experienced something similar or can help explain what has happened.


My billing cycle resets on the 18th of each month. I reset the mobile data period on my iPad on April 20.


I have the entertainment pack which allows me to stream Netflix, Stan etc unmetered. This is all I use my iPad for and as such as it uses very little of my shared data.


Today, I checked the My Optus app to see how much data I had used. It was showing that my iPad had used 4.5GB of the shared data since April 18 2019. I thought this was strange, so I went to check the mobile data setting on my iPad to make sure something hadn't been using the data without my knowledge. Since April 20, when I reset the period, Netflix has used 3.5GB and Stan has used just over 800MB - so, almost 4.5GB.


I contacted the Optus team via Livechat to make sure the entertainment pack was still active.


They told me that it was active and that "Amazon" had used 4GB of data since April 18th. I don't have Amazon Prime or even have the Amazon app downloaded. They suggested that it could be amazon hosted website that has been using the data in the background. I checked my safari browser and I had one tab open - the log in for my uni blackboard.


My question is, if something else on my iPad - even a website open in safari and working in the background - shouldn't it show on my iPad mobile data usage? How can my iPad CLEARLY show that almost 4.5GB has been used by Netflix and Stan since April 20th, the Optus usage say 4.5GB has been used since April 18th but then Optus advise that something else is using my data, something that doens't show up at all on my iPad mobile data usage stats?


I'm really confused and concerned that I'm being incorrectly charged for data that I shouldn't be.


Has anyone experienced something similar or have any advice on how best to proceed? If this continues, I will definitely go over my data limit, which I obviously don't want to do.

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Re: Data Usage Not Correct?

When you say the Optus app is reporting these amounts are you referring to data insights? If that's the case data insights reports all data through your device as it does not know the difference between metered and unmetered.

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