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New Contributor
New Contributor

Changing email preference


i have tried to change my email address from some random one that Optus has given me, 3 times so far! 

When I log out and go back into my account, this Optus generated email address is back as my selection. 

I am getting sick of changing this thinking I will get my bill via my personal email,  only to get a sms message telling me I am overdue....

before anyone says I have to save my changes, the button is there, I touch save, but no confirmation page comes I just keep saving....but nothing changes. 

Why have the ability to change preferences if it appears I have to make contact with a service person?

step up Optus. 


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Retired Employee
Retired Employee

Re: Changing email preference

Hi @Pestman, we might need to go in and change your contact email from the back-end.

We'll then go in and ensure that it's verified.

When you get the chance, PM us with your details


- Full name


- Account number

- Preferred contact email 

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