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New Contributor

Change of name on bill

Optus has my name wrong on my bill and I cannot use the bill for tax purposes, I was told to print out a form, fill it in and go to a store, I was told the store was open ( as I thought it may of been closed because of Covid 19 ) I take time off work and go into the store, it was closed, I am not paying my bill until this is sorted as I cannot claim it for tax purposes.

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Re: Change of name on bill

Like it or not you'll need to sort this. If you stop paying your bill then all Optus are going to do is hit you with late fees, disconnect your service, put it on your national credit rating and send a debt collector to hound you for a few years.

So I'd suggest just pop into a store again, if you tell us which one a mod might be able to confirm its opening hours here. Your ID can only be verified in store I believe so make sure you also take in 100 points of ID (not sure if you need it)