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Cancel my sub

Hey! In april month I cancelled my optus subscription and payed my last bill and the extra. But right now I got a mail that I need to pay 840 dollars? What’s that? You said to me in april that you cancelled it?
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Re: Cancel my sub

@62317579019 Yes Crowd is a public forum and not a direct support point for Optus.
Yes Crowd cannot directly help you as Note: Yes Crowd cannot access or view customer accounts/orders.
Option 1 Please message Optus Support 24/7 from the My Optus app. If you do not have access to the My Optus app you can use social media to contact Optus Support, please send a PM to Optus on  Facebook or a DM on Twitter and include in the message you do not have access to the My Optus app.

Option 2 Lodge a complaint

Option 3 You can also go the old fashioned way send a letter to

Optus Customer Relations Group

PO Box 306 Salisbury South 5106

I am an Optus user.
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