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Can't Update Payment Details Online

Hi All,


I know this topic has been posted before so apologies. However like countless other customers I simply want to update my payment details online to a new credit card. I have done this without any issue on every other service provider except OPTUS. It is absolutely staggering that there is no way to update payment details without having to fill out a form all over again and post it.


So now my payment will bounce as we have blocked the old card and perhaps OPTUS will contact me for new payment details, or perhaps they would rather I go to another internet provider..


Had I known it was going to be this hard I would never have signed up for this service.


Seriously is anyone at Optus in any management capacity with half a brain reading these posts?


Yours well and truly unhappy with OPTUS.


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Re: Can't Update Payment Details Online

So sorry to see that you've had trouble @Foggars. Were you trying to set up a new card for your direct debit? If so, this can be done by following the steps found here → here

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